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What We Make On Our Homestead

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Shop locally made products from my homestead in Kane, PA. I make goat milk soap, dough bowl candles, and seasonal wooden home decor.


Homemade Goat Soap

Shop my homemade goat milk soap and my thieves cleaners

Seasonal Home Decor

Shop this seasons homemade dough bowl candles, charcuterie boards and gifts.

Tour Book & Merch

Shop my brand new tour book Allison Rose Lost Her Chicken: A Chicken's Tour of Kane, Pennsylvania along with the merch that goes with the book!

How is my goat milk soap made?

Meet Annabelle Ray, she is our milking goat. i milk Annabelle by hand twice per day and use her milk , olive oil, coconut oil, lard and lye to make my soap. We recently added a new milking goat to our herd named Dolly.

How do I make my wooden home decor?

I currently own two wood lasers, an XTOOL and a Makeblock, that I use to engrave and cutout my wooden home decor. I then paint or stain the wood to finish.

What is my book about?

Allison Rose Lost Her Chicken: A Chicken's Tour of Kane, Pennsylvania is based on the true story of my daughter Allison's lost chicken. When her chicken got lost we made up a fun story about how her chicken must have gone on a tour of Kane. This story evolved into this fun tour book of Kane which highlights local businesses and business owners.

What do you make with your Alpacas?

I am currently in the process of having our Alpaca fiber processed into yarn. For now I am utilizing our Alpacas fun personalities and unique looks to create a coloring book series which will be available on Amazon for the holidays.

What do you grow and eat from your homestead?

This year we had our very first vegetable garden and I am proud to say it was a success! We planted all seeds into soil mixed with our alpaca manure as fertilizer. From our garden we grew tomatoes, corn, green peppers, hot peppers, zucchini, pumpkins, and watermelon. We ate all of our garden produce this summer and have plans to learn how to can and grow more next year.

Our chickens thankfully lay 11 eggs per day which we use for my son Pete's favorite "Big egg omelets", baking, hard-boiled eggs and to soon sell.