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Welcome to "Our Nest". My husband Kyle and I started building our little nest at the edge of the Allegheny National Forest ten years ago. We now have three kids, 6 goats, 4 alpacas, 14 chickens, 3 dogs and 1 cat. Our herd is still growing as we recently found out that our two milking goats are expecting in March.

Every day on our little homestead is an adventure. Neither my husband nor I grew up on a farm so we are learning and adapting as the needs of our kids, animals, gardens, property and small business grow and change.

In 2021 I started my small business Allegheny Nesting. I started my business making personalized home decor on my makeblock wood laser and with my cricut. I have expanded my business since then and now make homemade goat milk soap from our milking goats, thieves cleaners, essential oil products, dough bowl candles and seasonal home decor. All of my wooden home decor is made with either my X-TOOL laser or my makeblock laser.

Since the start of my business I have made it my goal to "build others up" and collaborate with other local businesses. I do this by sharing about local businesses every monday on my social media as well as on my new blog. I am proud to share that my largest prject regarding small business collaborations is now done. My tour book of Kane, PA is now available to purchase. This book highlights small businesses in Kane, PA along with the small business owners that work so hard to build our small town up.

Follow my social media platforms and my blog to read and watch LIVE videos as we learn and share our experiences of owning a homestead, owning a small business and publishing books.

Our Family

Our family is the foundation our homestead. My husband Kyle and I have three children whom we strive to raise with a solid foundation of love, hard work, life experiences and a lot of laughter.

Our Herd

Meet Our Herd. We own 6 goats. Our male goats are named Oatie, Mater, Sheep and Eh-He. Our milking goats are named Dolly and Annabelle Ray. We own 4 Alpacas. They are all Huacaya alpaca. Their names are Flynn Ryder, Luke Bryan, Blackhawk and Thunder.

We own 14 chickens. 1 of the chickens got lost one day which inspired our book

We own 3 dogs. Boone, Ellie and Bear. and we own 1 cat named Hazelton.