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The Blue Egg Project

The Blue Egg Project

Posted on March 11 2024, By: Jill Forquer

A few weeks ago I walked into our barn and a bright blue egg was sitting right in the doorway in a pile of hay. I immediately called for all of my kids to come look and we all laughed, smiled, and cheered with happiness when we held it. 

It was such a simple moment of pure happiness. Every blue egg since that day has also given us that same feeling of pure happiness. 

In an effort to share that simple feeling of happiness I have started a new project within the PA Wilds called " The Blue Egg Project". The goal of this project is to encourage individuals and families to get outside and explore the PA Wilds. To do this I am painting small wooden blue eggs that have #theblueeggprojects engraved on them and hiding them along the rails to trails, at local popular places, and on various hiking trails within the PA Wilds. I am also teaming up with local groups, troops and clubs to help me paint and hide these eggs. 

To add to the fun I will be giving clues about where these eggs are hidden on my social media pages and some of the eggs will be linked to prizes. When you find the egg you can keep it as a souvenir of your adventures in the PA WIlds and the simple feeling of happiness of finding a blue egg. 


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