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Exploring the Kane Experimental Forest in the PA Wilds

Exploring the Kane Experimental Forest in the PA Wilds

Posted on March 18 2024, By: Jill Forquer

Exploring the woods is one of our family's favorite things to do. When we were told about the kane experimental forest trail, which is right down the road from us, we had to check it out.  The start of the trail is located on 7 mile road about 2 miles on the right if you are coming from Highland Rd. It is marked with a very nice information stand with facts about the experimental forest. For example: Did you know that the Kane Experimental Forest was established in 1932 as a special management area of the Allegheny National Forest. 

After we read the facts, my kids and I started waling down the trail. Along the trail we talked about the different types of trees, the deer carcus we found and got out all of our yelling in the woods. We had a blast. The path was clearly narked and easy to walk on. We walked a total of around 2 miles which was perfect for a 7,6,5 and 3 year old. This trail is definitiely worth checking out! 


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